Urethral Dilation

Urethral dilation is a common technique for treating urethral strictures. This procedure is done under general anesthesia. Into the urethra, thin rods of increasing or tapering diameters are gently inserted from the tip of the penis this opens up the urethral narrowing without causing any other damage or injury to the urethra. There is a possibility that strictures may recur hence the process has to be repeated. The recurrence of strictures depends on their size, the shorter the stricture, less likely it is to recur again. Often, patients are given instructions and dilation instruments to perform the urethral dilation themselves if needed.


It is an endoscopic procedure done under general anesthesia. An endoscope is inserted into the urethra to get correct visualization of the stricture. The stricture is cut lengthwise by a tiny knife passed in through the endoscope thus opening up the passage of urinal flow. A catheter is then inserted and kept in place for a few days until the urethral incision is completely healed.

Urethral stent placement

According to the location and extent of the stricture in the urethra, a closed tube or stent is passed through an endoscope to the stricture. On reaching the proper location, then the stent opens up and act as a patent tube or conduit for urine to flow.