About Us

Malabar hospital is a full fledged centre which has branches at Calicut and Sharjah. We treat our patients with sincerity and utmost care in order to make our patients comfortable. We use latest techniques and equipments which can meet international standards in quality. The excellent infrastructure and facilities add more credits to our goodwill.

Our dedicated and well-qualified staffs make all our missions possible. Despite of the medical faculties, we have a good number of well-trained paramedical staff who work very hard and sincere to provide our patients with the best care. We believe in team work and consider our team as our strength.

EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE is our vision and we stand for the same. We try to spread our service to the people from all walks of life, as our motto is ‘BE WITH THE COMMON MAN’. We believe that, we can create history through our renowned service. We are at the reach of international patients which can help us to part our service to the people across the world. Your satisfaction is our priority and we work our level best with all the available measures to achieve that.